Saturday 22 June 2013

"Old Love and New Love" (1934) by Naomi Mitchison

My Love comes behind me
And he kisses me just where -
What has come in your minds now?
- Between neck and jersey
My bent neck is bare -
Are you thinking, are you thinking
That you might have been kinder?
- And I know that my hair
Curls a little, curls a little -
And your hands that remind me,
And your breath in my hair

My love comes behind me
And his lips are like bees -
What has come in my mind now?
- That light on the clover,
That settle and tease -
I am thinking, I am thinking
As my eyes look out blindly
And I stiffen at the knees,
Of my new love, of my new love,
Who is fonder and kinder
And is far overseas.

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