Saturday, 22 June 2013

"On August the Thirteenth" (1934) by Frances Cornford

(At The Mount, Marsden, Bucks)

Out of this seemliness, this solid order,
At half-past four to-day,
When down below
Geraniums were bright
In the contented glow,
Whilst Williams planted seedlings all about,
Supremely geometrically right
In your herbaceous border,
You had to go
Who always liked to stay.
Before Louisa sliced the currant roll,
Re-arranged the zinnias in the bowl,
All in a rhythm reachless by modernity,
Correct and slow,
And brought the tea and tray,
At half-past four on Friday you went out:
To the unseemly, seemly,
Dateless, whole
Light of Eternity
You went away.

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